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It’s all the Rave

Crowdfunding has taken over our communities. It was bound to happen. People have been increasingly bypassing traditional funding routes such as bank loans or grants and turning instead to the friends and communities around them to support their projects.

Whether a social enterprise, community project or person in need, the sky is the limit as the internet makes it possible to reach much bigger audiences than before.

What is Donatify?

Modern crowdfunding has involved paying away high commission rates to software companies and charities have been hit hard.

After having successfully developed many crowdfunding campaigns over the years, the Donatify system has been launched – an unbeatable fixed fee campaign packages to help charities and other causes avoid paying high commission fees, thereby maximising their revenue even further!

Having You In Mind

The Donatify system is simple to use and much of the complications of crowdfunding systems have been stripped out to make it as straightforward as possible for you to use.

Don’t forget that setting up your crowdfunder with strategically placed team members enables you to tap into places and contacts which previously were virtually impossible to reach. This has been proven many times!


The Donatify system has been used to successfully develop many online campaigns for a variety of charities and organisations. It has been used for a variety of quick turnaround flash campaigns, event campaigns as well as general donation pages.


Donatify are also able to provide customised solutions for longer duration crowdfunding campaigns.

Campaign Packages

Starter Fixed Package

Entry fixed fee package for small organisations.

0-£200k Raised
Price: £1000

Silver Fixed Package

Fixed fee package for average target campaign.

£200-£250k Raised
Price: £2000

Gold Package

Unbeatable low commission for larger campaigns.

£250k+ Raised
Price: 1.5%

Our packages include the following

  • Free Web Hosting.
  • Free Initial Set Up.
  • Unlimited Members.

Stripe/Sagepay/Paypal Integration

  • Admin/Members Control Panels.
  • AAC / Other Charity Payments.
  • Donation/Gift Aid Reporting.
  • System Support.

Customisation available

Please note we have lots of extra features available such as customisation of admin area features and other bespoke elements to your fundraising campaign.

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